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Hey everyone, Anyone else apply to this program for summer 2014? Deadline was 9/30 for applications so I would imagine they will be letting interview candidates know in the next few weeks. Any current or former students out... Read More

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    Anyone hear anything yet!?
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    Quote from Deebariegan
    Anyone hear anything yet!?
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    That makes me feel better! This waiting is killing me!
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    Is this a joke? Still nothing on my end
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    I got a letter about 3 weeks ago and interviewed 2 weeks ago. Maybe call the school and ask the secretary?
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    Are interviews finished with? How was the interview process?
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    It was really laid back, they mostly talked to you about the program, hooked you up with a senior student and showed you around the OR. They're interviewing until early dec I think and will let us know by early January,.
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    thanks Mc0830 did they say how many they'll be interviewing or how many seats are in the class?
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    Interviewing 50 for 9 spots
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    Quote from Mc0830
    Interviewing 50 for 9 spots
    How does it work that the university is in central Connecticut but the hospital is in Pawtucket?