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I'm looking for help and opinions on my situation. I would love to go to CRNA school but my BSN GPA is a 3.1(while in school, I had no plans on attending CRNA school). I've been an ICU nurse for 6 years. I think to be... Read More

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    Great advise allie

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    Awesome thread.
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    Quote from iwannabeaCRNA
    These forums helped me when I applied, so I thought I'd share!

    My GPA wasn't that great either . My undergraduate classes were over 10 years ago, so of course we know how much maturity can sink in over that time! Especially working in critical care! So, in order to redeem myself, I took two graduate level classes, pathophysiology and statistics. Did very well, had a decent GRE, prayed a lot, and got accepted! Your experience and your total commitment is a major part. You have to be dedicated, it isn't easy. You literally give up your life for 28 months! They have to be sure you are willing. Your success in their program reflects their success in teaching you. So don't give up...I am proof that you can get accepted! Also, shadow a CRNA to make sure you want to do this. It also shows your schools that you actually studied what it means to become one, not just dreamed of it! My GPA in undergrad doesn't reflect totally on how I am succeeding in the program. I'm doing very well and that's why I think schools look at the total package versus just GPA. Hope this helps!

    That sounds like a good idea. you would recommend taking a couple graduate level classes??
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    Some of my science classes will be 10 years old by 2012-2013. I took A&P 2 before A& P1....i took A& P2 when I was 18, and had that " i don't care mentality" and only got a 2.0. Woud you suggest retaking A&P2?? I got a 3.0 in Chem 1 (this is another class that will be 10 years old in 2012), 3.0 in A&P 1, 4.0 in Chem2, 4.0 in Medical microbiology. 3.5 in Patho & Pharm during nursing school, and 4.0 in Health Assessment in Nursing school. I also did very well in all my nursing provider classes (Med surg, maternity, pediatrics, psych, community, and advanced med surg)--I got 3.5's and 4.0s in those. I also got a 4.0 in my Capstone. I did an accelerated BSN program (super intense) so I believe that prepared me for how a super intense CRNA program will be (obv the CRNA program is a lot more difficult).

    Should I do a graduate level Patho and Pharm class? Even if I did well in my nursing school?? Also, should I retake A&P2 ?
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    This is a great thread!
    I'm currently in the process of getting my applications together for school. Well actually, I have them all complete, I'm just nervous about sending them out. I graduated nursing school with a 3.25. I am currently taking Advanced Patho and Pharm and I have A's in both of them. I also have CCRN, TNCC, PALS, ASLS, and ACLS. I work in a meto Trauma 1 hospital too. I also got a 960 on GRE...anyway I'm just kind of nervous that this isn't going to be good enough, especially seeing everyone else's stats of 4.0 undergrad GPA and 1300 GRE scores ..I guess I'm just kind of venting. Hopefully I'll get some courage and send out my application soon :-/
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    I just graduated from a nursing school in the philippines and just arrived here in maryland, also I'm an american citizen. I'm currently applying for the MBON for my license and as of now its still on the process. I really want to be be a CRNA, and my problem is I have a low GPA, I have a bachelors in nursing. What are the steps that I could do to increase my GPA and improve my chances in being accepted in CRNA school. I already have A&P, Physics lab and lec, Chemistry In & organic. And if I need to take some classes to increase my GPA should I take them in the philippines or I could do it here?

    Thank you very much in advance, I would really appreciate ur response Because I really dont know anyone here to ask as of now.

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