Looking for advice about how to seek out mentors

  1. Hello. I just want to start off by saying thanks to all of those out there who read these and respond to them even though they really don't need to. It means more to us who need the advice than we could ever repay.

    I am a soon to be third semester nursing student in an ADN program and I work in a large teaching hospital. I aspire to be a CRNA and have a thourough understanding of what it takes to become one. There are times though, like right now (what rn to bsn online program to go with), that I wish I had someone in my corner that could pass on their knowledge and advice to me but I don't know who ask.

    First of all I fell like if I seek out someone that I know is a CRNA but I don't know them I'd fell like a stalker. Second, I don't know if I should even ask anybody in the hospital I work in because then you become that person with an agenda. The stereotypical person who only looks at their time in the ICU (not that I'm in the ICU yet) as just another stepping stone to your throne. I wish there were a way to conenct with someone in a hospital outside of the one I work at but how to do that and not seem weird is beyond me. Further more I wouldn't even know who to talk to anyways.

    I'd like to hear from anyone who has had a positive or negative experiences in these areas. Did you flap your gums about your position and regret it? Have you been a mentor or a mentee and have an insight you'd like to share? Any advice would be appreciated.

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  3. by   missnurse01
    1. Look at univ of Wyoming. They still have decent rates and no clinical. They are slowly increasing their rates though.

    2. Seek here and other crna forums for guidance. People will answer.

    3. Do you have a teaching hosp near you? I contacted the chief there and was able to shadow and bounce questions and emails off her.

    4. People knew I wanted to go crna at my last job, but I was an experienced nurse already. I think it was easier to swallow that way. ..they didn't shell out money training me.

    Good luck