Loma Linda CRNA Class of 2016

  1. 0 Hi all of you fellow SRNAs! I was hoping to fine some of the upcoming class at Loma Linda University. I am super excited to be starting this fall and hoping we can get to know each other before we start school. Any of you on here?
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    Hello! I too am starting at LLU in the fall! I am really looking forward to it! Id love to get to know some of the other classmates that will be beginning this journey with me! HappySRNA16 are you from Southern California?
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    I actually live in Las Vegas. Where are you from?
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    I live about 15 minutes from campus... Nice and close already! When do you plan on moving to the area?
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    Lucky you! I'm starting to look into apartments now. Ps: shoot me an e-mail and let's chat. Singingsmile@gmail.com
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    I am interviewing at LLU in about a week (eeeee!) Do you have any insight on what type of questions they ask? Some forums indicate schools will ask the difference in the mechanisms of actions from dopamine and dobutamine, how to read a 12-lead, what to do in specific patient scenarios and why, and then others say they were asked the general interview questions (why this school, why this profession, what's a mistake you made and what did you do) etc. Thank you so much! :-)
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    Try emailing HappySRNA16. Maybe you'll get a quicker response then.
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    Hi Nancy!!! LOL!!! I'm in your class too... Can you guess who?

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