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Kaiser Fall 2006 Students

  1. 0 Accepted to Kaiser Permanente School of Anesthesia Fall 2006. Hi everyone, we can keep in touch on this thread until the program starts and give information to others about the great program we will be starting soon.
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    Congratulations! I'm glad someone started this thread I think this will be a good way for everyone to become acquainted with one another. Hopefully, our class will all get along and not be overly competetive with one another.
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    Cool...when I get my letter (positive thinking here), I'll post the news.
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    just curious what all of your stats are like? I hear that it is a really tough school to get into?What interested all of you in the program?
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    Hey! Also accepted to Kaiser!! So excited...can't wait to start....
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    Why Kaiser???? Here are my reasons.....

    -Top 10 program
    -Over 1000 anesthesia cases as a student (AANA requires only 450)
    -more than enough clinical hours required by AANA
    -about 18 clinical sites
    -Kaiser hospital system, forerunners in nurse anesthesia practice
    -24 months integrated didactic and clinical curriculum
    -attendance cost, Kaiser isn't in it to make money off students, it prepares
    CRNAs to enter the field of nurse anesthesia and contribute to the profession
    -Director is John Nagelhout - He cowrites anesthesia books used by every CRNA program in the country and also does teleconferencing to other CRNA programs around the nation
    -Kaiser is interested in the person, someone who is teachable, approachable, dedicated, hard worker, adaptable, go getter, determined, someone who has drive and the potential to succeed in their program and in the field of anesthesia
    -The required counseling session, where admissions people sit down with you individually to go over your qualifications, resume, transcripts and give you advice on how to improve yourself as a potential candidate, very upfront and forward
    -The guidance of Michael Boytim, CRNA, Ed.D who gave me advice and counseled me to reach my goals and potential eventhough I was a first semester nursing student

    These were my reasons why I applied to Kaiser as my number #1 choice

    Back-up CRNA Programs (Duke, Georgetown, University of Pittsburgh, New York State University-Buffalo, University of Pennsylvania)
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    Well dudes and dudettes..I didn't make it in to Kaiser this time. I will lick my wounds for awhile and then start my next round of applications. At least the suspense is over and I can get going forward again.

    I did put in a call to the school for feedback so hopefully someone will take the time to reply. I would like to know what the criteria for my rejection was so I can learn.

    Wow, all that early apartment hunting was for naught...oh well. Good luck to everyone who made it in. I'm sure you will have the experience of a lifetime!