Jefferson CRNA 2018 - page 2

Has anyone applied or interviewed for Thomas Jefferson's CRNA program for 2018? I interviewed and am waiting to hear. Just want to meet other people who are in the same boat as me!... Read More

  1. by   Italia61703
    Still waiting and holding out hope. When did you guys get your acceptances?
  2. by   AgainstAllOdds
    Has anyone applied and not been interviewed yet? Even checked in mid-December to see if I had missed any communication but they told me to "be patient and wait for 1/15". Still have not heard anything. I'd rather just know so I can focus on 2019. Has anyone heard/experienced anything similar in previous years?
  3. by   Italia61703
    Against all odds-When did you apply? I interviewed in December and was told to be patient about my decision as well. Hope you at least get an interview!
  4. by   vitone215
    I have heard of late decisions even in the summer...Good luck to you guys!
  5. by   laurendoylern
    Awesome! Congratulations everyone! When did you guys interview in November? I interviewed the 29th and anxiously still waiting!
  6. by   Nc648
    I interviewed late March and was told to wait few weeks for result. Anyone in the same situation as I am? The wait is killing me...
  7. by   KBlilnurse
    I know this is extremely late but congrats to those that were accepted! I unfortunately can not speak for the March interview process but I wish you the best of luck!! I am thinking about starting a Facebook group for those that have been accepted for fall 2018! The group name will be "Jefferson CRNA Class of 2021" for those that want to join!
  8. by   xPsylockex
    Just wondering what semester will you guys be starting? I see the deadlines are different for entry to the Spring, Summer and the Fall semesters and most of you guy had your interviews in the fall of last year.
  9. by   mikeymcgeezacks
    Anyone else on the waiting list?