1. I am patiently waiting to hear if I have been granted an interview at Wayne State University for their Nurse Anesthetist program. I have 15 yrs. experience (last 6 in SICU) and a less than impressive undergraduate gpa. I am hoping that my experience, certifications, multiple shadowing experiences, etc. will draw the focus away from the mistakes that I made when I was 18 (I am currently 36). I have no doubt that I will succeed once accepted into a program and feel that my challenge will be getting admitted. Anyone with a similiar story?

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  3. by   aromarn
    I noticed no one responded, I am sorry I do not have similar story as you.In fact we are different. But I am reading your post and I am jealous, I am new grad, no one wants to hire me because I do not have experience, but I have excellent GPA and graduated with honors. And you think that will get me a job?? No way, I am no special.

    It seems to me, its all subjective, your experience is impressive and with no less than perfect GPA so what's teh big deal?? , you graduated and your are a licence RN!!! That's all it matters, you did the best you could when you were 19!!!

    I really hope you get it, but I like your attitude at the end, you said you can do the job no problem...that's exactly what you need to tell this people.

    Let me know how it goes! Good luck!!