importance of prereq's???

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    Applied for CRNA school last year, got put on the waiting list. Hadn't heard anything until 2 days ago. Someone must have dropped out and now I am accepted and can start in June (2 months!!!)

    How important are the prereq classes? Do they expect you to have a backround in those classes from 8 years ago? I don't remember anything from those courses.

    I was planning on taking a chemistry class as a refresher or biochem (which I have never taken) if I got in. Now with 2 months I have no time to do that or prepare.

    Need some advice from someone that has started taking th classess?
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    Don't have an answer for you since my program starts in June as well (actually late May). But, I am taking a few non-anesthesia classes early and can share my thoughts on them...I am currently taking Applied Pharmacology and Research. I was nervous about Applied Pharmacology because I haven't had Pharm for quite a while, and I also had them waive a pre-req of Graduate Pathophysiology just so I could take the course. With that said, the Applied Pharmacology class is not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I have not worked very hard at it at all and have an "A" in the class thus far. The final is tomorrow, so we will see how it goes! I think you will be surprised at how much you still know (even from classes you took many years ago).

    Since our program start dates are so close I was wondering which program you are going to attend? Just curious I guess!
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    midwestern in az
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    Cool! Congrats, and good luck!