I got in!!!!!!! St. Raphael in CT I got in!!!!!!! St. Raphael in CT | allnurses

I got in!!!!!!! St. Raphael in CT

  1. 1 Hello everyone, just wanted to first off thank everyone I met on here and even those I did not. Regardless of n e interaction, I can't talk highly enough about this website. I started out this journey without a clue in the world. By reading many of the threads n post on here, I gained invaluable insight to helping me get where I am today. Thank you so very much to you all.
    Now that I'm in, just curious if n e other fellow students r on here. Would love to meet some. Also if n e one or current students have some further insight on the school or advice, I would definitely appreciate n e thing that comes my way.
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    congrats...i got in too....see you in may
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    Hi Vic, thank u n congrats to u as well. R u from the area? If not, when r u planning on moving? I'm from mass n still debating move time n contemplating a per diem job. I heard they pay well ct for nsg jobs. In n e case its nice to meet a fellow future classmate.
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    Congrats again Marco !!
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    im in ny....not sure when im moving- maybe april? im def not gonna work as i think its gonna be hardcore enough with the studying
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    Hi Vic, O cool, i'm from MA. I'm guessin i'm moving around that time or mid may. we'll c. Has anyone contacted you regarding filing financial aid. that's one part i dont wanna miss. lol. In any case, i wish you the best. And Merry Christmas. i Hope you're enjoying the special day.
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    Congrats on ur acceptance. Any insight on what to expect from the interview.
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    happy holidays....havent heard anything about financial aid but just decided to fill out fafsa just in case....
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    Hi VasocativeRN,

    Happy Holidays. The interview process was alright. All the applicants met in the same room. The director went over the program, clinicals and any information pertaining to the time you will be spending at the school. After that, we were all led out in groups to tag along with some students for a tour thru their OR. The remainder of the group stay in the conference room and mingle with other current students. You're given plenty of time to speak with them individually and get any questions you may have answered. Then each applicant individually meet with the admission committee(propably 4-5 people at once). Afterwards, you're free to go home. Are you planning on applynig there or scheduled for an interview. If you are, best of luck.

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    Thanx for the info. Just wanted some general insight into interview process.
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    Was ir nerve wrecking?
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    Quote from VasoactiveRN
    Was ir nerve wrecking?
    I didn't think the interview was bad. The program director is very nice and easy going. Definitely wasn't high pressure. I'm sure you'll do great!
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    hey marco, did u hear anything during your interview about the seniors selling their textbooks to us?