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Hello everyone, just wanted to first off thank everyone I met on here and even those I did not. Regardless of n e interaction, I can't talk highly enough about this website. I started out this... Read More

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    I know mid aug to mid dec it is mon thru thursday all day.

    I know we get 3 weeks off for winter holiday. after that, no idea...!

    thinking of trying to go to scotland to get married if we have a spring break next year... lol
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    Scotland? Wow, that's a big trip!!! If it can b done, I wish u guys all the best.
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    yeah why not!! We don't have a lot of people to come to a wedding so it isn't a strain for people. The pictures are pretty is all...
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    Congrats to everyone who got in to the HSR program! I'm part of the 2014 class and I definitely remember what a huge relief it was to get in and the excitement about starting. Soon you should be getting assigned "bigs" who are upperclassmen that can give you advice, tips, or just be someone to vent to once school starts. However, I'm more than happy to answer any questions that I can to help ease the transition. Just an FYI - I'm originally from CT so I can't speak to the experience of relocating but there are plenty of people who have done it successfully. Good luck and take advantage of the time you have before school starts. Relax, take a vacation, read a book for fun (you'll be reading a ton but it won't be fun unless you love reading pharm/immunology/pathophys textbooks), and enjoy your family and friends! School is definitely challenging but worth it
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    thanks for the info srna...im curious do the students usually sell their textbooks to the oncoming class? which part of the program would you say is the most tough?
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    Thx as well srna. Much appreciated. It has been quite the journey getting to this point. I finally got the fafsa going thru. My question is for the clinical part of the program. Will we b paying tuition during clinical? If not, can we still apply to fafsa for unsubsidized student loans or do we have to go by other means to pay our cost of living? I had to short sale my house n afraid my credit may cause problems if I have to apply for private loans.
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    hey guys, most of the text books you will probably end up keeping to establish your own reference library. Like path, Pharm, the Basics book, maybe you chem and you assessment books. we usually look for em online.

    As for the financial aid part of it look here: Central Connecticut State University (CCSU): Nurse Anesthesia Program this will give you a break down of fees. You can only take FA while enrolled in the ccsu portion. its about 45000 your the school year with is 20,500 as a grad stafford loan and another 25000 as a plus loan. also over the summer you can take about another 10000. Good luck guys
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    Ccsusrna, thank u for the insight. It was well received.
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    Hey Vic - I agree with CCSU about the textbooks, I plan on keeping the majority of mine. I always get mine online using cheapesttextbooks.com, amazon.com or half.com. You usually can get the ISBN's for the books with plenty of time to order them before the semester starts. On the CCSU bookstore site you can plug in your schedule and it will generate a book list.

    Hm...as for the hardest part of the program? It's tough to say, I feel like for whatever portion you're in, you think it's the hardest. The summer was intense with taking a test every week and learning the content of two grad classes in 2 months time. Right now, we've got a heavy course load with Immunology, Pathophys, Assessment and Basic Principles of Anesthesia at HSR. We just finished a whirlwind of 3 tests in 2 weeks so I've felt pretty fried. But spring break is in a week so I'll have time to relax

    My advice is to not let it get the best of you. It's intense, demanding and tiring but it's also rewarding to see alot of what you learn in the classroom translate into useful knowledge in the OR. You have to take time for yourself to keep yourself from stressing out.

    Good luck guys! About 2 months to go...
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    that's nice man. How are you liking it so far?