I got in!!!!!!! St. Raphael in CT - page 3

Hello everyone, just wanted to first off thank everyone I met on here and even those I did not. Regardless of n e interaction, I can't talk highly enough about this website. I started out this... Read More

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    Lol, yea its gonna b a different life for us. But I'm looking forward to it....where u coming from by the way? I'm from Massachusetts.

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    By the time I start in aug you will b able to give me all kinds of tips! Do you do one year all lecture then move on to clinical?
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    Hey missnurse,

    Yea the first year ure in class. U start clinical the following year. But yea if I can help with tips or whatever, I will. When u start, ill b on break. I have most of the month of august off.
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    Ny 2hr away
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    the whole month of august!!!!
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    Yea, missnurse. I lucked out. How's ur schedule gonna b?
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    I know mid aug to mid dec it is mon thru thursday all day.

    I know we get 3 weeks off for winter holiday. after that, no idea...!

    thinking of trying to go to scotland to get married if we have a spring break next year... lol
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    Scotland? Wow, that's a big trip!!! If it can b done, I wish u guys all the best.
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    yeah why not!! We don't have a lot of people to come to a wedding so it isn't a strain for people. The pictures are pretty is all...
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    Congrats to everyone who got in to the HSR program! I'm part of the 2014 class and I definitely remember what a huge relief it was to get in and the excitement about starting. Soon you should be getting assigned "bigs" who are upperclassmen that can give you advice, tips, or just be someone to vent to once school starts. However, I'm more than happy to answer any questions that I can to help ease the transition. Just an FYI - I'm originally from CT so I can't speak to the experience of relocating but there are plenty of people who have done it successfully. Good luck and take advantage of the time you have before school starts. Relax, take a vacation, read a book for fun (you'll be reading a ton but it won't be fun unless you love reading pharm/immunology/pathophys textbooks), and enjoy your family and friends! School is definitely challenging but worth it

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