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I am very excited to say that I just received notice that I am accepted to Rosalind Franklin University class of 2013!!!! Oh yeah, I can't believe it, not many replies to any posts I made on here... Read More

  1. by   mikelita
    I just turned in my app for spring 2012...deadline in August 1. How long after you submitted your app did you get news of an interview. Also, how long did it take to find out? How are things so far? Did you interview at Northshore?
  2. by   xX Goose Xx
    I interviewed on a Tuesday in October and found out I was accepted in the first part of the following week. But application deadline is a month earlier this year. We were told there were 108 applicants with 22 being accepted. Class size is 25. 2 were in the part-time program that is no more, and 1 was supposed to start last year, but had a death in the family.

    Going good, first two quarters are no joke. Be ready to study a lot.
  3. by   jojieblue
    Good luck to all of you!!! I accepted a seat for the Fall of 2011 at the University of Miami. I start next month. :-)
  4. by   maymoh
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! That is an amazing accomplishment! =)

    If you don't mind, I was wondering if you can tell me your overall stats like the gpa and years of ICU experience? I REALLY want to apply to a CRNA school after a year or two of working as an RN...I graduate with my BSN in about 6 months. I know I am thinking ahead but I just really am curious about what it takes to get accepted into the program from someone who has already been accepted. I would greatly appreciate it!
  5. by   mikelita
    @SICUbaby- I have an interview on Sept 1, any pearls of wisdom since you have already started the program? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. by   JacobSZ
    maymoh & mikelita,

    i too interviewed at rosalind 2 weeks ago (july 12th)... which seemed strange since they offically don't start interviews until september so i've heard. i think their site stated at one point that they did rolling admissions and i had applied back in january, so i don't know if that had anything to do with my circumstance, but none the less my experience was a positve one and i felt welcomed by all the faculty, which i was surprised by from previous experiences elsewhere. i don't know how things work with the whole "process" of interviews, but i was called by the program head in early july, asked to interview the very next week, and then was offered a position in their program during the interview. i still am surprised by how the whole thing played out, and was not expecting that at all, but as you can imagine i am quite excited!

    none the less... be persitent and never stop learning and or improving on your resume, and most of all stay busy with any activities that foster professional advancement and development. nothing pays off like old fashioned hard work and time. i seriously set my entire life aside for a year telling myself that's the least it's going to take just to get my foot in the door and get accepted to a anesthesia program.

    rosalind's faculty seem incredible and i must say i truly felt like i was a person of interest, not a number. so take from that what you will, but i have nothing but great things to say about my experience.

    as for the interview, pretty straight forward... how have you prepared yourself, why anesthesia, what motivates you, are you willing to set your life on hold and commit...etc. no test... not this time that is, but then again i was alone, no other applicants and kind of unexpected i believe. i think one program administrator didn't even know i was coming, but oh well.

    here's my stats

    age: 30
    experience: rn 7.5 years (5 years adult/peds er, 2 of which ed charge, 2 years icu, 1 of which lvl i trauma cviuc/sicu/micu, current position) also emt-p 6 years, full time fire department while full time rn.
    gpa: 3.6
    resume: rn, bsn, ccrn, cen, tns, enpc, ecrn, emt-p, ccemtp, atls, abls, itls, acls, pals and nrp (wanted to do flight, but never did, hence the certs and training)
    also current volunteer member of the medical reserve corps. and part of an education and traing committee at the fire department and ed.
    current msn student at large.

    hope the info helps and best of luck to both of you and everyone else out there.
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  7. by   babybear6

    I am also in a BSCN program in Ontario in Canada. I plan to move to North Chicago area to work. How about you? My email is sallyxhl@gmail.com

    Could we share some info together?