Horrid undergraduate GPA prior to nursing will it hinder my acceptance to CRNA?

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    I originally went to school for Political Science and graduated with a 2.59. Thankfully I only took 2 science courses during that time both of which I earned a B so my science GPA is salvageable. After college I became a Firefighter/Paramedic and have 3 years experience. I have since gone back to school and after this semester I will have pulled myself up to 2.82 after getting 10 As and a B.

    I am doing another 16 credit hours in the spring of science courses, a 31 hour Medic-Associate in nursing transition in May which lasts 1 year. Then I will try to work in the ICU for 2 years while I get my BSN. By then I should be up to around a 3.2.

    Will my original GPA kill my chances of acceptance into CRNA programs? Will they take into account my good science and nursing GPA over my dismal 2.59? I am hoping a significant uptrend, good science GPA, good GRE, couple years ICU experience, and 5 years or so Paramedic experience will make me a competitive applicant.

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    Most schools take your Math and Science GPA, last 60 credit hours GPA, overall GPA, and whether or not you have a master's GPA even if you only take 1 class on the master's level. The also take into consideration your GRE and admission letter of intent or why you chose there school. Last 60 and math and science tends to weigh heavier than overall is what I have seen. Good luck you can do it!!!

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