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  1. Hello everyone! thought i would repost this here as well!

    I am in need of guidance on what other classes to take to look like a good applicant for crna school as well as what might help my background knowledge for crna school. I just took the 3 quarters of general chem, the first physics class in the series, and am now in the first o-chem. I was doing all this to originally get into biochem but due to scheduling issues, I am not sure if I want to take the other 2 ochems. I am gonna start applying this spring for the 2013 start, so any classes I take here on out will be me telling them I am taking them, not completed on my transcript.
    So here are my options:

    1. take the next two ochems, and then take biochem

    2. stop after this ochem, take other classes over the next year like grad level phys or pathophys

    3. stop after taking this ochem and take the two classes that vcu crna program offers for prospective candidates-Foundations for Mammalian Phvsiolopv and Foundations for Medicinal Chemistrv. I am not set on vcu, but I like their program.

    I am already a BSN and ICU nurse.

    any thoughts? other likely classes that might help?

    thanks!!!! i am so unsure what to do I am making myself nuts.
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  3. by   Sedatetime
    Sounds like you are doing too much. I only took Organic Chemistry and Microbiology, a few other science courses years ago, but no graduate courses and I applied to 2 schools and got interviews to both. I think taking the Medicinal Chemistry is the way to go if you plan to go to VCU because they mentioned it when I went to my interview.

    I don't know which schools you are looking at but VCU has a pretty fair point system based on GPA, CCRN and other credentials, GRE, interview and personal statement, etc. I'm not sure if taking other courses would help a whole lot. I do think it comes down to the interview. This is only my opinion.
  4. by   Sedatetime
    I don't know your stats but sounds like you should just apply. If I can do it with the courses I have taken or not taken, I know you have an awesome chance.
  5. by   missnurse01
    I appreciate your input! thanks!