1. I just have 285 GRE score.... I just seemed not to do well on this test at all!!
    What are my chances to get into SAmuel Merritt CRNA program - they mentioned 290 for GRE scores....
    My stats: 3 1/2 years of ICU, GPA: 3.75, CCRN and other awards, certifications... I don't know if I should retake it?

    ANyone please share your opinions! Thanks!!
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  3. by   missnurse01
    Hi! hopefully for someone that knows Sam Merr well can give you some input. You can also call the program and ask them flat out if that is the minimum they require, or if you are still competitive. I agree, the test is horrid and just a hoop you have to jump through.

    good luck.
  4. by   chudder
    I wouldn't want my first impression with a school to be me calling to see if they would consider me even though I don't meet their stated minimum requirements....... just retake the GRE. Study first. A firm grasp of high school algebra and geometry will guarantee you a fantastic score...
  5. by   missnurse01
    I took thru calculus and studied and still felt the gre was difficult. I hate that they require it as it has been shown to not be a good predictor of grad level work. But a hoop to jump thru none the less
  6. by   chudder
    I would argue that the evidence is there for *some* correlation, however weak, between GRE score and graduate school success. Even though it is widely considered to be a poor predictor of success, I'd be willing to be that both very high and very low scores still raise eyebrows on admissions committees.

    Try for algebra and geometry review..... and do TONS of practice problems.... especially the word problems!

    Pump A can empty a pool in A minutes, and pump B can empty the same pool in B minutes. Pump A begins emptying the pool for 1 minute before pump B joins. Beginning from the time pump A starts, how many minutes will it take to empty the pool?

    Hold on while I stick a fork in my eye..... LOL..
  7. by   missnurse01
    Yah it's gross...I am just happy it's over! I can't imagine someone bombing the gre and having an excellent gpa. In much head if u have one then the other should be decent. I can't remember the name of the study I read about the gre...
  8. by   missnurse01
    Chudder I can't remember your status. R u in a program or finished ?
  9. by   chudder
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