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I just got in at university of tennessee chatt anethesia program. ive worked in a medical icu for 6 years, havent taken any classes since graduating nursing school. my gpa is a 3.39 GRE scores 140 math and 145 verbal thats about... Read More

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    I am not offended, I feel like I got into a high quality school and am happy with my decision. Just don't want people to be closed minded when it comes to alternative lists. I would rather have gotten into my top choice off the alternative list than to continue my search just to find another school that will let me in.
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    Exactly !
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    That's great Bagola congratulations!!

    I have talked to many CRNA's and have found that not all of them have a 3.8 GPA, and some even bombed the GRE. They were persistent and able to sell themselves. A stellar academic record doesn't mean you are or will be a great nurse on the floor. Your capabilities can be reflected in another way.

    Not sure where the idea that if you got accepted with a less than stellar academic record then the school must not be any good comes from. The people I spoke to personally got accepted to the number one and two CRNA schools in my state, and we have quite a few. Out of the nine, some had the "3.8 GPA" and others didn't.