1. 0 Hello everyone. My name is Alex and i'm a new-b here. I would like to know how long would it take to be an Anesthetist. I already have my G.E. done an i might transfer to CSULA or stay at East Los Angeles College and go to their RN program (sucks that i have to wait until fall 06/spring 07 for their next opening:angryfire), but i want to get my Master's after that. I just want to know the steps on how to do it so i can plan ahead. I really love my job, but i'm getting older and i need a better salary. Where do you people think i should go, and how should i do it?
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    oh.... and i just turned 22 not so long ago, still live with my parents because i'm the youngest.... and umm.... if anyone has any questions regarding myself, feel free to ask.
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    I started out my medical career as an EMT in the military first and then as a civialian when I got out and decided to go to nursing school. I am in the CRNA application process right now.
    I went the Associate Degree RN to BSN route first. If you have all your GE done, focus on getting the best grades possible in your nursing classes. You can take your GRE (Graduate Record Exam) as early as your senior year of college. Make sure you look at the CRNA schools you are interested in and see if they have any preferred classes that will make you a more competitive applicant such as physics, organic or biochemistry. After graduation you need to get at least one year experience in adult ICU. Many schools don't care what kind of ICU as long as you get experience with advanced invasive hemodynamic monitoring devices (Swan-Ganz PA cath) and vasoactive medications and ventilated patients. As long as you have a competitive GPA and GRE score (usually at least a 3.0 and over 1000 on the verbal and quantitative), and one year experience in adult ICU you should be ready to start applying by 25 - 26 years old.
    Take a look at the FAQ sticky at the top of the main thread page.
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    EMT to RN here as well. Get into a program ASAP or find out a school where you can take prereq classes that will go toward your nursing classes, chem, etc. Good grades will get you into a program faster. Since you are single just look at programs and move if you can. Pick a state where you want to do grad school at so you have in state tuition, etc. There are really so many things to consider what you have to do first is just get your BSN. Good luck.
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    I would say take it one step at a time. Living with the folks might sound bad now, but it is a cheep way to make it out of school not in debt up to your eyeballs.

    Besides that I would say take it one step at a time. I started as an EMR, then I did the EMT thing before getting into nursing and now I am looking at becoming a CRNA. I am 34 so you also have time on your side.


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