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Hi, I am thinking about getting my 2 year associate degree's in nursing then become a RN but I wasn't sure if I want to become a BSN if i'm only going to work as RN because there aren't much differences between 2year RN and 4year... Read More

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    Quote from acupofgas
    You must have a minimum of a year of ICU experience. No ER required (nor is it accepted). This is an accreditation requirement of all programs.

    While you don't specifically need a BSN for all CRNA programs, you need at least a baccalaureate degree and be a RN. However if you want the most school options I would recommend a BSN as you can apply to any CRNA program (as long as you fulfill any additional requirements). I received my BSN through a state university system. It was an online RN to BSN program and I am now finishing up my first semester in CRNA school.

    Each school has its specific requirements. Some may want 2 semesters of chem, and/or a semester of physics, or a graduate statistics course already completed, or even to have completed these types of additional courses within a certain time frame of say 5 or 10 yrs.

    You have to look at each program you may be interested in and figure out which require something additional. My school did not need any additional classes beyond what I received in my BSN. It required a BSN and additionally GRE, ACLS and PALs. I took my undergrad science classes over 10 years ago.

    Good luck.
    The requirement to get into nurse anesthesia school is for one year of acute care experience in order to meet the COA requirements. Which most schools interpret as one year of ICU experience, but ER/PACU/OR/OB nurses have all been accepted under that rule.
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    jrv100, could you please elaborate on your path to CRNA school? I am in a somewhat similar situation. I have a BA is History going through an ADN program. I would like to get into a CRNA program down the road but I am unsure as to whether my BA will suffice along with the ADN.

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    acupofgas, where did you go for your CRNA program? Sounds like a place for me!

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