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    I am in need of some advice from any CRNA's or students please. Ever since nursing school I had set in my mind that advancing in my education past a bachelors degree is a must! After my OR rotation and a PRN job at a surgical center I have found interest in anesthesia. The type of work, environment, critical thinking, patient ratio, and autonomy is what really caught my attention. Unfortunately, my undergraduate GPA is not at a competitive level it is currently at a 3.0 (I had to work a full time job throughout school). I have 3 years PICU experience and am currently studying for the GRE. Since I am aware of my academic status I applied to our local NP program and have been accepted. I was hoping that taking some of the NP courses would help me show my current academic level/knowledge/commitment to my education. However, if this will not be of any help I would not want to put in effort or time into an NP program. I have had some suggestions to just stick with NP since its still in the nursing field and also a prestigious job, but I feel that if I am going to spend 2-3 years committed to school once again might as well go BIG (CRNA). This is where I am stuck in a bind should I pursue this NP program to improve my CRNA application and if I am not accepted just stay with NP? Also, the NP program here at my local town would cost me a quarter of what CRNA school would cost. I guess I just want the dream job where I will be doing what I love plus have financial comfort and time to spend with love ones.
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  3. by   RhinoRocketRN
    Either you want to be a CRNA or an NP.. Go with what you want bc you don't want to regret it in the end
  4. by   missnurse01
    if you haven't yet, shadow both roles to see which one speaks to you more. You can also take grad level science to impress the adcom's, not necessarily general np classes.

    good luck
  5. by   RN2784
    Don't bother with the NP program. Make an appointment with the director of the program and discuss your application. See what they recommend.