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Just wanted to start a thread about people that have been admitted into Barry University's class graduating in 2015, and will be starting next January 2013. Just wanted to get in touch with my future classmates, I am from... Read More

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    Quote from swan_rn
    HI I just want to know how much is the tuition fee for CRNA( for the entire course), and please include the books and other expenses,.. I just started working as CCU nurse, maybe after 2 years I would plan to Take CRNA. THanks so much.
    At Barry you are looking at about 60k for tuition and fees.

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    Hi everyone,

    I will be transferring from med-surge (1 yr 5 months experience) to RCU ( Respiratory Care Unit) in a busy level 1 Trauma hospital. I have the intention to eventually go on to CRNA school and was wondering if this area of critical care would be acceptable for CRNA school. The school I am looking to apply to states:

    ". Clinical experience should be direct hands-on patient care. The "critical care setting" is not limited to a specific work area. However, the complexity of the patient population's health problems should routinely require non-invasive and invasive monitoring, continuous pharmacologic infusions and mechanical ventilation. The CCRN credential serves as evidence of required knowledge and experience, and is highly regarded."

    This unit provides ventilation, drips, non-invasive monitoring not too sure about invasive monitoring, also will be sent to school for 6 weeks for the CCRN certification, am still a little hesitant because its not " ICU". Please help!!
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    ICU would be better. It is a good unit to start. But you would probably need to transfer to ICU eventually. However, you can try applying while in RCU and test your chances.
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    @ bibibi,

    I will actually be applying to Barry Univ, I also graduated from their nursing program in 2011, I called the admission dept and the rep said it seems like the RCU fits the requirement, but am still hesitant. I'll try applying after a yr and see what they say.
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    If they say so then you are fine. Although you might be limited when applying to other school if Barry doesn't work out.
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    thanks to everyone who posted their stats. appreciate it.
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    very helpful

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