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Just wanted to start a thread about people that have been admitted into Barry University's class graduating in 2015, and will be starting next January 2013. Just wanted to get in touch with my future... Read More

  1. by   Lhammon2
    I am unable to send messages but can receive them. I was accepted in June and chose WPB because thats where I grew up and that is where my mom still lives so i will be living with her during the program. Really hope i get WPB. Send me your email if you chose WPB and hopefully we can meet soon!
  2. by   Lhammon2
    My name is Lindsay Hammond if any WPB students want to look me up on facebook. I currently live in Buffalo/Rochester NY
  3. by   FakeItTillYouMakeIt
    I would look at other options before deciding on Barry if I were you. They have a very militaristic style (which is not publicized--they really should). You will not realize what is wrong when you first start because they will scare the **** out of you and you will not know who you were before (an excellent ICU RN). They will break you down, play psychological mind games, until you make it or quit. It is a horrible experience for those who were expecting a supportive environment. You will not get it there, especially Orlando because they have too many students--more than they expect to graduate and primarily because they utilize the military boot camp training style. Therefore, your quirky individualism will not be tolerated. A faculty (who I will spare the name) told me I was wasting (X's) time when I went to discuss how people were not acting fairly. It was such a wasted effort because I did not trust the brutal system from the first month of the program (I could intuit something is wrong) and it affects your performance. If you share any weakness with any faculty member (no matter how kind/supportive they seem at first), they will use it against you later and build up a case against you. It is no joke. Do not share your weaknesses.

    Just be forewarned. The people who speak ill do not do it to speak ill per se. It is very much the truth. Not trolling!! We have better things to do with our time. It is a very mentally/psychologically tough program because they "play games" to test you if you're minutely questionable in any dimension. They will tell you that you have no thinking skills when you've been a big thinker all your life.

    You have no clue what I am talking aobut, but you will know what I mean when you decide to press forward out of fear that Anesthesia school is too tough to get into and too much effort to try another school. If you want to succeed, get straight A's the first semester because truth be told, the grades follow you to the next semesters and they will treat you likewise or like dung if you don't make the grades (it doesn't matter that their style just wrecks your motivation).

    If you struggle academically from the begininning, they will try to trip you up at clinicals and make a half-lie case against you, then make you quit by putting you in a limbo.

    Please be informed that Barry faculty by the initials D. H. CRNA who has an anger management problem and communication problem will scream and yell at you and trip you up by making you nervous and it will end up badly. His word counts for much and your words mean NOTHING. He professes to be the king of "communication" and his religion is such, but he will yell/scream at you and expect you to appease him afterwards. I don't know how anyone could work with a person who does not know the meaning of kindness.

    Don't blame anyone and say no one warned you. I personally feel extremely regretful that I did not apply anywhere else and of this dreadful result.

    I could not tolerate the mind games, military style, yelling/reprimanding in front of anyone/anywhere (in the OR hall, forcing a drug test out of the blue (yes, they state 2 drug screens but it reminds mind you of being in the Nazi concentration camp, plus I have never taken drugs in my life) in the OR, in the classroom halls), and the lack of true empathy. It's sink or swim folks. No mercy. No second chances. If you rub the CRNAs the wrong way, you are out of the program. Good thing I never spoke back. If I had, I would have been dismissed on the spot. I never confronted but avoided confrontation and they labeleled me something completely false to make a case against me. They will make sure you're out if you aren't on the Holocause train as a zombie and you display too much energy as evidenced by your complaints against their wrongs or their military style, you will be "targeted" as they call it and you will eventually be out of the program.

    Even if you improve, they will ignore it! It doesn't matter that you invested so much. By the time you realize what they're actually about versus 1st semester in which you are "grateful" to hang in there, you will be in your 2nd or 3rd semester. You will either finish your second semester because you started or drop off 3rd semester because you can't take it anymore.


    It made me weep so much, but I am closing the chapter because I know that at least they did not succeed in killing my spirit, which would have happened by the time I stuck it out. I don't want to be their automaton/robot/Barry product. I will never subdue myself for some organization/Barry/CRNA profession.

    I am turned against the CRNA profession because of Barry University. That is sad. But their style and lack of real empathy is what I do not condone.
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  4. by   FakeItTillYouMakeIt
    Someone asked me for clarification of "military style": In the military, you're stuck. They keep you. Barry doesn't keep you. If it's a military style + your faith that they are there to help you then it might work out. If it's military style + psychological mind games and tests to observe your reactions/behaviors, then I call that "sadistic". Unfortunately, I have seen the latter. My personal experience. It may vary for you but I close the book now. I have said my piece
  5. by   FlsunshineRN
    MeeBugg21---I think I was in your interview group! Are you the traveler from San Diego? I was accepted too and will be in either West Palm or Hollywood area. I'm from the area so I have ideas of housing. Message me if you'd like.
  6. by   Meebugg21
    Which one were you?
  7. by   Meebugg21
    I was the traveler from SD.
  8. by   FlsunshineRN
    I used to be a traveler in San Diego, we chatted for a few in the hall. Live in Denver now. For some reason I can't send private messages on here, if you can shoot me your email. We should definitely meet up and chat.
  9. by   Meebugg21
    Ahhh well I can't PM either. My email is without the x's: M xxx e xxx e xxx b xxx u xxx g xxx g xxx at yahoo and then we can facebook. I created a group on FB for our everyone should join!! its:
  10. by   WXNURSEMOM
    Hey, has anyone gotten confirmation on their clinical site? I heard we will get an e-mail.
  11. by   ufblondi
    I just emailed Andrew. He said they are finalizing them this week. So hopefully soon!
  12. by   Lhammon2
    Does anyone know if we have to sign anything for Barry that says we won't work during the program?
  13. by   Stymes07
    clinical sites anyone?