Community college or 4 year college for nursing school?

  1. For any of the students who are in the CRNA program or are about to go in, would you consider getting your RN at a community college first vs going to a 4 year school and just going right through to get your BSN? I know the debt adds up so I just wanted to hear some opinions
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  3. by   Shanimal
    I'm not yet in nursing anesthesia school, but I've sent in a couple applications and have interview offers. I went the community college route first then completed an RN-BSN program afterwards. I'm not a traditional student, though. I already had a bachelor's degree in another subject when I decided to go into nursing, but all of the second bachelor's degree nursing programs in my area were accelerated. That basically meant I couldn't work and go to school, and I certainly couldn't afford to do that, so I opted for community college instead.

    If you have the option, I'd recommend going right to the 4-year BSN. Overall you save time, plus why work and go to school and when you don't have to? Being a new nurse is stressful enough without having to worry about your GPA and silly group projects.
  4. by   love2nurseICU
    I got my ADN and i owe less than many of my colleagues after my BSN. I dont feel that it was that stressful working and doing my BS online but that is case by case. It was necessary for me to go get my ADN first because I needed a better job and fast. I could not wait 4 years d/t lack of support.. I do not regret it at all. In fact i got into ICU right out of ADN and gained ICU experience while earning my BSN.. Tag teamed . .. But icu right out school is not common . GL!