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I have spent the past 3 weeks waiting for my exam results (Certifcation Exam for CRNA's) completely anxiety ridden because I took ALL 170 questions - and certain I failed. I GOOGLEd any and all... Read More

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    I read your review a month ago. Then I read it again.

    Then I printed it out and taped it to the wall next to my computer...and got to work.

    I determined that I would make certain that no one would ever be able to make such statements about anything I produce again. Given the speed at which I was trying to grow the program and keep up with the changes in the CCNA exam, typos and errors crept in. So, I got a Six-Sigma quality improvement workbook and Microsoft's guide to automated software testing and pulled up question #1 in PACES.

    I scoured through each and every question, noting what type of errors were present, fixing them and documenting how they occurred as I worked. By question 875, I had corrected every error I could find and had written a program that would run 14 separate scanners through the program, searching for and identifying potential errors. The scanners work like little robots, sifting through data, checking spelling, running regression analyses, correlating data items against one another, and reporting every bit of it back to me.

    If you aren't familiar with Six-Sigma, it was a quality improvement system developed by Motorola in 1986 that postulated that errors in production (whether it's cell phones, cars, or software) could be reduced to less than 3.4 per million opportunities. In this business, those opportunities represent lines of code and lines of anesthesia content. (For those interested, I currently contend with about 1.5 million).

    After a solid month of scrutiny, data analysis, debugging, and re-writing, I reached this goal with PACES version 3.1 (available at

    This version represents the absolute state of the art in nurse anesthesia board exam simulation...and I'm just getting started. See, I had been running this business for the past five years in the middle of the night after I had already worked a full day as an anesthetist. Your statements about the software losing credibility rang true, but despite that possibility, the business actually grew to the point that two days ago, I stopped working as an anesthetist and began full-time development of the program.

    Prodigy Anesthesia is coming out of the gate strong with this version of PACES and every single day I will make it more challenging, more informative, and more intelligent in the way it teaches anesthesia. There's a lot of incredible developments coming and it's going to be happening much faster now.

    Your review stung when I first read it, but it was essentially true. There was no denying that. However, your review also motivated me to produce something incredible and institute measures to make certain those problems never arose again.

    I thank you for your candid review. It was exactly what I needed to guide me in making PACES what it is now.

    Peter Stallo
    Prodigy Anesthesia
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