Case Western Reserve University Fall 2012

  1. Hi,
    Just trying to find other classmates that will be starting in the Fall at Case Western...
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  3. by   sprint880324
    Quote from RealNurse419
    Hi, Just trying to find other classmates that will be starting in the Fall at Case Western...
    Hi RealNurse419! I just received my admission letter last week and I'm very excited to meet a potential classmate! I still have one more school to hear back from and need to compare financial aid packages before I make a final choice, but I really want to end up at Case! I'll be visiting campus and Cleveland in March. Are you from the area? If so what are some areas/neighborhoods I should look for apartments in?
  4. by   RealNurse419
    Awesome! Congrats! Im not from Cleveland, I'm from two hours west, so I don't have much insight on where to stay. Hopefully we are classmates, but if you choose the other place, good luck! I'll PM you my contact info so we can stay in touch!
  5. by   sprint880324
    Hey! Sorry, I haven't made 15 posts yet so I can't PM back but feel free to find me on fb! My name is Ekom. I don't know of any other students unfortunately, but from my interview I've heard that each cohort has about 40 students. I am very excited to meet everyone, so I think a fb page would be awesome! I'm from Indiana but I'm finishing up my post bacc pre-med program in St. Louis, MO. When are you planning on moving to Cleveland?
  6. by   blucrna
    Good luck in the program guys! Be sure to post your experiences once things get rolling
  7. by   RealNurse419
    I'm going to move at the beginning of August, you? Oh I got your PM too :-). Thanks Blucrna!
  8. by   Mrs. Hall
    Hi everyone! Congratulations on your admission! I'm still waiting to hear back from FPB, so I guess I don't yet really belong here, but I was wondering if any of you who have already been admitted could comment on your own admissions experience. I've read some old threads on here where people were called for interviews the week after sending everything off and received an official decision within a couple of weeks.
    I'm applying for the grad-entry program with a planned MSN specialty in midwifery. I'm so excited about the prospect of starting in the fall, but the suspense is really driving me crazy! Hopefully I'll receive good news and get to meet everyone in just a few weeks!
  9. by   photon

    I have a question about the program. When you are admitted to program, are you then admitted into both MSN and DNP program as well? If so, do you need to re-apply for the MSN and DNP program or are you automatically in the program through the graduate entry program?

  10. by   Mrs. Hall

    Admission to the program means admission through the DNP. Students wishing to pursue a PhD must apply for that separately after completion of the MN and MSN.

  11. by   photon
    Hi Amy,

    I was wondering of you have heard this from someone affiliated with the program or did you get this information from the website? I had an interviewer from CWRU tell me otherwise, I would have to re-apply for the MSN and DNP portion. I am just concerned with the mixed messages from the website and from someone who actually works at the program.

  12. by   Mrs. Hall
    the grad-entry website says:
    • [color=#333333]all students admitted into the graduate entry program are also admitted into fpb's msn and dnp programs, making advanced education easily attainable. during the pre-licensure stage, students earn about 15 credits applicable to most msn majors.
    • [color=#333333]graduate entry students may apply for the phd program following the pre-licensure (mn) program.

      i also heard this from the recruitment specialist i spoke to when i visited a couple of years ago. what i forgot was that you apply for the phd program after the mn program (not the msn). if you're planning on a dnp, you're all set once you get acceptance to the bn grad entry program. the recruitment specialist said that they really want/expect most students who go the grad-entry route to move onto (at least) the msn degree and, hopefully, a phd or dnp.
  13. by   RealNurse419
    I don't know anything about the NP program at Case Western. This post was for nurse anesthesia.
  14. by   Mrs. Hall
    So sorry! I am just now seeing that this is for pre-CRNA Inquiry.