Case Western Reserve University CRNA 2018

  1. Did anyone apply for Case Western Reserve CRNA program?
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  3. by   CCTN
    Applied. Got an email last week saying that we will be finding out if we get invited for an interview by the end of this month.
  4. by   TunnelVision7
    Ok great CCTN!! Are you local or would you be relocating? I haven't received anything since I submitted my application mid-May. I was looking for an updated forum for CWR to find tips on the application process and couldn't find one so I started this one. Let me know if you hear anything! Good luck to you!!
  5. by   CCTN
    Thank you for starting one! I was looking for it. I would be relocating from Indiana. Are you local or would be relocating too? Good luck to you too!!
  6. by   TunnelVision7
    No problem! Yes, I would be relocating from TX. Thank you!!