Case/CCF 2012 Interview forum - page 3

hello all, I just received my notice for interview request at Case Western and was wondering if any other prospective students had as well. I'm also wondering if anyone knows exactly when... Read More

  1. by   WildflowerRN
    The interview was very relaxed. They asked a series of personal and clinical questions. As far as the clinical questions, they only asked about things that I brought up, eg "What pressor do you use most often in your unit?" Levophed. "Tell me about Levophed." Very nice people - all 8 of them!!

    But the wait has gotten me rattled...
  2. by   workingforaliving
    I am going to interview as an alternate this month for Case. Anyone have any interview advice (do they ask clinical or math questions?)?
  3. by   naptime14
    They asked me 3 basic math questions and one question about the mechanism of action of a drug. Some classmates got questions about vent settings as well. Good Luck!