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hello all, I just received my notice for interview request at Case Western and was wondering if any other prospective students had as well. I'm also wondering if anyone knows exactly when... Read More

  1. by   RealNurse419
    They give you the option of rating clinical sites 1-3 (1 being the site you want the most). But pretty much everyone in my class wanted to be at CCF for clinical, so I think they went by our experience and put us at the place that was most similar to the unit we came from.
  2. by   RNdreams09
    When do they give an option for the rating of clinical sites ? Is it close to start date ? Do they send a letter out ?
    They did not ask us about it in the interview. Just wondering .......
    Also I know u r a current student. how is ur experience so far. I am kinda getting nervous.

  3. by   RealNurse419
    RNdreams09 are you in for Fall 2013 too? They don't give you that option until around the spring time. School is going good so far. It's tough, but it's doable. You should be nervous, very nervous lol. Just kidding, you can do it if you're dedicated.
  4. by   RNdreams09
    thanks RealNurse419

    Yes , I am in for Fall 2013. If you get your clinical at CCF, u get the stiped ,do u also keep your seniority as a CCF employee , so technically you are not quitting ur CCF employment when you start school in 2013. Is that correct? any other benefits?

    thanks for ur input.
  5. by   RealNurse419
    Congrats! I don't know much about CCF because I don't have clinical there. Sorry I couldn't be of any help with that, but send me a pm with your email and I'll send you mine if you have any more questions! Enjoy this last year of freedom!
  6. by   westbury
    Any word if Case will send out letters before Xmas? The suspense is killing me!
  7. by   westbury
    We're now heading into the second week of January......

    Anybody know when Case is planning on making final decisions? No news is good news.....but still no news!

  8. by   statABG
    They don't make final decisions until about April, from what I am told. Keep the faith!
  9. by   RealNurse419
    They are still conducting interviews
  10. by   WildflowerRN
    Yes, they are. Mine is scheduled for January 28, 2013.
  11. by   WildflowerRN
    Quote from RealNurse419
    I'm already in the program. I just started this past August. Yes, Case was my first choice. Love it, but it's stressful!! lol


    Can you tell me about the program? What's your schedule like? How soon do you get in the OR? What's the atmosphere like there? How are the professors? Are you in class every day? Thank you so much!
  12. by   westbury
    How did your interview go today? Did they interview many today?
  13. by   statABG
    This is supposedly the last interview for available seats. There will potentially be interviews in february/march for alternate seats.