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Bloomsburg University 2013

  1. 0 Hey all, did anyone apply for BU's CRNA program? They pushed the deadline up 3 months and it left me scrambling to get all the materials together. I received an email from the admissions coordinator and was told 32 applications were submitted (for 12 spots). Does anyone have any info regarding the interview process, ie. is it more professional or clinical in nature, formal/informal, etc.? This is my first app. in this year so I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Any info would be appreciated.

    Thanks! Happy 4th to everyone.
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    I, too, have applied. Today I did not hear promising things about board pass rates.. I almost regret spending that 35 dollars now
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    I applied also, did not hear good things about the school and board pass rates from current students.
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    So where is the info on their board pass rates?
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    I know a few SRNAs in their program, they didnt pass, and said more classmates had the same issue
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    Vague at best. a "few" SRNA's? other students with the same problem? Sounds like my accelerated BSN program. We had a "few" drop out, and others had problems with the NCLEX. To me, it was an awesome program.

    Does anyone have any objective feedback about BU's program?
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    considering they only accept 12 ppl, 5 ppl fail, thats almost only a 50% pass rate, thats POOR.
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    I just got a letter for an interview. Do we know any legitimate stats for their pass fail rate? Or is this all 'hear say'? Any info about BUs interviews?
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    its all hear say from students... i got my letter too though.. good luck.
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    I spoke with someone at BU about 3 weeks ago regarding interview details. The only word I got out of her was "informal". Whatever that means, right? I also heard somewhere they have a critical care exam following the interview. Any further information would be appreciated. My interview is November 2. RhinoRocketRN and kup6, I'm curious what your backgrounds are. Care to share?
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    1.5 years level 1 trauma center w open heart experience and 1 year pcu/ telemetry. I was told I will receive info in the mail in regards to the interview. I'm watching my ccrn review DVDs to prep
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    I WAS in Blooms CRNA program and have switched schools because it is pitiful. I can not express how highly disappointed I am. The instructors aren't even CRNA's are they supposed to teach you what you need to know. I am finishing out this semster and going elsewhere. I know over 50% of this years graduating class has failed their boards. I wouldn't recommend going there.

    malamutepants...were you IN their CRNA to know that it was an awesome program? Just curious?
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    I can't respond to your message but Excela Bloom's interview was very informal and relaxed. No clinical questions at all. (unless they've changed it). Good Luck!!