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Hey all, did anyone apply for BU's CRNA program? They pushed the deadline up 3 months and it left me scrambling to get all the materials together. I received an email from the admissions coordinator and was told 32 applications... Read More

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    1.5 years level 1 trauma center w open heart experience and 1 year pcu/ telemetry. I was told I will receive info in the mail in regards to the interview. I'm watching my ccrn review DVDs to prep
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    I WAS in Blooms CRNA program and have switched schools because it is pitiful. I can not express how highly disappointed I am. The instructors aren't even CRNA's are they supposed to teach you what you need to know. I am finishing out this semster and going elsewhere. I know over 50% of this years graduating class has failed their boards. I wouldn't recommend going there.

    malamutepants...were you IN their CRNA to know that it was an awesome program? Just curious?
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    I can't respond to your message but Excela Bloom's interview was very informal and relaxed. No clinical questions at all. (unless they've changed it). Good Luck!!
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    Fawn, if you read my earlier post, I am referring to my awesome BSN program. If I had been in BU's CRNA program, why would I be asking about the program and interview? I'm still curious why the school sucks so bad in your do you know 50% of the class failed boards? Were you making good grades yet still felt like you wouldn't pass the boards? How did the clinical aspect stack up compared to the didactics? More details! I'm still going out to interview in November to see for myself. So far you are the only student raising up disparaging first hand info. All the other comments amount to hearsay. Thanks!
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    Getting some facts straight. The graduating class had 9 students, 2 did not pass. Thats not quite 50% last I checked. Those 2 that did not pass didn't put the time in that was required for anesthesia school and it obviously showed when they took boards. Fawn, Bloom is a front loaded program, all MSN classes are taken first therefore there is no need for CRNA's to be teaching classes like nursing theory or nursing research. You SWITCHED schools or you didn't make it past your first semester and are now bitter toward the program? hmm.
    Now back to the questions at hand. The interview process is more laid back than other programs but some basic clinical knowledge is still needed. They want to get to know you not sit there and grill you. Show up be professional and see where things go. Goodluck in your interviews!
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    Thank you for the info! Helps a lot more than heresay I was getting abt the school
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    psu2014 Thanks for that info. Clears a few things up, but I would still love to hear from fawn firsthand what precipitated the switch out of Bloom. Thanks!
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    I interviewed in mid-september. I was really impressed; the director and asst. director are great people. I got a real family oriented kind of feel; all the SRNAs I talked to had nothing but great things to say. It may be a longer program in terms of months (33); but one student told me that they were given some time off for christmas, thanksgiving, etc. Smaller class size, not as expensive, a very pro-crna hospital, have the potential to do over 900+ cases. The director called me shortly after the interview and offered me a spot and I accepted immediately. I am really looking forward to next year.
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    Really bc they haven't finished interviewing... What date did you interview?
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    Yes. On the 18th. They recommended scheduling sooner then later; I called them right away and scheduled it for the second day. Have you interviewed yet?

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