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  1. Hello everyone....I just recently came across this board and am hoping that you all will be able to help me out with some questions.

    I am curious if anyone would be willing to share with me why they want to become a CRNA? What about this field interests them? I am about to start a nursing program and am trying to research all of my options for much later down the road. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, I would like to talk to anyone who has applied to TWU or TCU and actually interviewed to see what that was like and what types questions they asked? I have a friend now how is getting ready to interview and am hoping to help her out.

    I realize this is quite lenghty but I did not know where else to start. Thank you so much and I hope you all can help me.
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  3. by   kcwolf200
    I would suggest to follow a CRNA a few times and see if you like any aspects of what they do. This is what really made me decide to persue this carreer. It also helps in the interview process because at my last interview, I was asked "what all does a CRNA do or what is your understanding of a CRNA's responsibilities?". This question is a lot easier to answer if you have followed a CRNA.

    As for TWU, when does your friend interview? I interview on Tuesday, but would be willing to give you some tips for her after my interview.
  4. by   lvnmommyto2greatboys
    Hey thanks....that's a great idea. Do you know how I would go about contacting someone to set something like that up?
    As for my friend, she interviews like the first week of December....I would love any advice you have. Please PM me when you get a chance after your interview and let me how it went.
    Thank you so much.
  5. by   kcwolf200
    I called the surgery department at my hospital and asked about following a CRNA. My hospital was very helpful and directed me to the right person who set it all up. Even if you don't work in a hospital, just call and let them know you would be interested in following a CRNA and see what they say. I will PM you about my interview later this week and give you some tips to pass on to your friend. Have a happy Thanksgiving.