Anyone applying to Raleigh School of Nurse Anesthesia for Nov 2012 interviews? - page 3

Hello. Just wondering who else is applying for RSNA this year? Also, is anyone taking the core courses now through UNC Greensboro?... Read More

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    Saturday, Nov 17

    Just received the letter from RSNA. Placed on the alternate list. Still hoping.....but very bummed!!! Gonna go have a pity party now.

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    I still haven't received anything other than the maybe letter so I am assuming it isn't positive. : (
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    I received the same letter and was placed on the alternate list. My friend who is in the program now was an alternate last year and got a call in december offering her a position in the program. She told me not to be discouraged ( apparently a good portion of her class was on the alternate list) . Lets keep our fingers crossed!
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    To all who got accepted to Raleigh Anesthesia School-Could you tell us how much experience you have, GPA, GRE, and certifications that got you into the program?
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    I received a letter today. I'm on the alternate list too. Oh well. There's still hope!
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    I'm on the alternate list as well. I wonder how many people are placed on the list?
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    I got an acceptance letter from Raleigh yesterday after receiving a maybe letter about 2 weeks ago. But I already accepted at another school so I will be giving up my spot. I hope all of you get in! Keep the faith friends!
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    I called the school and Nancy told that there are 25 people on the alternate list
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    Did they tell you where you were on the list? They wouldn't tell me anything about the list
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    Just wondering if anybody on the alternate list has heard from RSNA regarding admission? I received a letter over the weekend acknowledging my return letter and that I was indeed on the list. The letter did not tell me what number I was on the list.

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