Anyone applying to Raleigh School of Nurse Anesthesia for Nov 2012 interviews? - page 2

Hello. Just wondering who else is applying for RSNA this year? Also, is anyone taking the core courses now through UNC Greensboro?... Read More

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    I've heard they tend to ask more "get to know you" questions, opposed to grilling applicants with clinical questions. We shall see! I interviewed at a different school and was asked to interpret an ABG. I know all applicants at RSNA are required to be CCRN certified, so perhaps they allow that to speak to an applicant's clinical knowledge. I'm super excited and super nervous! Only a few weeks away. Do you most of you live in NC?
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    Quote from jde8767
    Yes, I have applied to RSNA and Wake Forest Baptist. I received an email from Baptist saying the application is complete, waiting to hear about an interview. Also applied to RSNA about 4 weeks ago, still waiting on a supervisor evaluation to be sent in. I am currently taking the core classes at UNCG.
    Have you heard anything from Wake Forest yet?
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    i too applied to wake, just crossing my fingers about an interview! let me know if and when anyone hears anything!!
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    Hi guys has anyone heard anything yet? I just heard back from Wake Forest Baptist's program! I am super excited as that is my school of choice! My interviews are in the same week...will be super hectic....but it's the best feeling ever!
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    Interview at Raleigh School November 7th. Denied interview for Wake Forest, I was expecting this-my GRE scores are low.
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    Quote from IcuRnNc
    Hello. Just wondering who else is applying for RSNA this year? Also, is anyone taking the core courses now through UNC Greensboro?
    I am interviewing Raleigh Nov 14th? Has anyone else interviewed yet and have any advice?!!? Thanks!
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    Has anyone that interviewed last week (oct 31 or nov 1) found out they got in?
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    Interviewed Nov. 7th. Received the "maybe" letter on Saturday 11/10. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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    I received the same letter.
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    I also received the same letter from Raleigh. It really bummed me out because I know of people who have already received an acceptance letter. Hopefully we will receive some great news soon!

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