Any Kaiser students out there?

  1. Hi Kaiser students. Can anyone tell me where to live in the Pasadena/LA area that has good freeway access and is more or less centrally located so as to make life easier as a Kaiser student?

    Are there tricks to getting around for your clinicals? I interviewed last week and I am hopeful that I will start this Fall. I have started looking at the clinical locations on maps and trying to figure out a safe and relatively central location...any hints would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   maturner
    Pasadena is the most central. The clinical sites are spread out from loma linda in the East to UCLA in the West, Woodland Hills to the North and San Diego in the South. Everybody drives no matter where you live, so be prepared and have a reliable set of wheels.
  4. by   ICUDOUCME?
    Thanks for the response. I am worried that I will find an apartment in exactly the wrong spot for everything.

    Are there any affordable (800/mo) apartments in Pasadena?
  5. by   gongju
    Doing a little early apartment hunting? Your interview must have went really well. Have you tried here
  6. by   rubin777
    I am currently a first year SRNA in the KPSA program. I moved to Pasadena when the program started earlier this August with my wife. I personally think its worth living in Pasadena. Its a great place to live with lots of fun stuff to do. I currently live right across the street from the school and I believe its worth every penny, especially your first semester. You will be in the lecture hall all day five days a week. But its your choice. After the first semester it really doesn't matter because you will drive all over southern california. For example, my first rotation is currently in san diego:spin: , I am there three days a week and the school funds the hotel and free food at the cafeteria at the hospital(not a bad deal). If you need any help please feel free to contact me. Try Plus if you're single there is a "KPSA HOUSE" were some of the class stays(about 5) and people are always moving in and out. the letter should be arriving at the end of feb. or early march.
  7. by   ICUDOUCME?
    Quote from gongju
    Doing a little early apartment hunting? Your interview must have went really well. Have you tried here
    I think I did well. It's hard to say but the odds are not horrible since there were 73-74 interviewed this year with 36 slots available. I will be dissapointed if I don't get in but I know it's not outside the limits of possibility! Especially given the caliber of the competition. Thanks for the link and I'll keep you posted.

    Thanks for the advice Rubin777. If I get in, I'll look into it. I saw a nice apartment building across from the school and I figured it's probably pretty steep, being attached to the mall and everything...