Another one of those path to CRNA questions & Murray?

  1. Ok guys, I've been a stalker for a year and now I need some advice from people who know. So a pretty simple dilemma I guess.

    I have been accepted into a BSN program at a local university and an ADN program at a local community college. The ultimate goal is CRNA school. On one hand ADN will be much cheaper, allow me to work and have my BSN paid for and I will have more experience at application since I will have to spend three semesters completing my BSN. And of course I can save money to live on when CRNA ever starts. On the other hand, at the University I can graduate and just focus on work until time for CCRN and application but I will have less experience and not as much money saved up. Both paths get me into CRNA school at the same time, but one path affords me more experience, saved money, and the possibility of having RN-BSN mostly paid for reducing loan debt. I think I may have just answered my own question, but both schools always say that they have the best plan. The only concern is that my BSN work during my first year in an ICU may be a little overwhelming. I'll just think of it as a permanent clinical with a stipend Oh yea, I will be doing my RN-BSN through Murray State and hopefully my CRNA training will come from there as well. Anybody have anything good or bad to say about Murray's programs?