Anesthesia Audio Review

  1. Hello,
    Has anyone tried this audio review???? If so, was it worth it?

    2011 Certified Registered Anesthesia Nurse (CRNA) 3 Hour Audio CD Review Course; Anesthesia Nursing; Nurse Anesthesiology Review 3 Hours, 4 Audio CDs [Audio CD]

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  3. by   kimora25
    Does anyone know what SRNA are doing for finances while in school in addition to loans?
  4. by   heather in ohio
    I would like to know myself! I am starting school soon and could really use a loan above my "COA" since working is not an option. The only loan I know of outside -of COA -is the wells fargo education connection which is ExTreMelY difficult to get from what I hear -and so it is from my experience as well. So, I have no clue! It seems almost impossible unless you have a spouse to support you (or live with parents) -which neither are an option for a middle age single parent who owns a home and has been head of household for years making a decent salary....
  5. by   rn444
    I would love more info on the audio review! That sounds like a great tool. That being said...VCU's program offers all lectures on line once you are in the program. So I wonder if that would be an option for you depending on your program.
    For the questions about affording school...there are lots of great threads that talk about that topic...look for the treads about loans for CRNA school.