Alternate at KU CRNA program

  1. I am on the alternate list for The University of Kansas CRNA program starting 2012. Any advice on ways to tactfully keep myself fresh in the minds of the admissions committee without seeming too desperate. Anyone out there with prior experience with KU's alternate list and how many they consider as alternates?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!
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  3. by   JayVArn
    They rank their wait list 1 through a certain number and pick numerically. I'm sure you could find out your number on the list via e-mail.
  4. by   mdxti
    Hi you guys, I have an interview coming up at University of Kansas and I'm freaking out. Can somebody please send me an email with advices?How is the interview like?Are there tons of clinical questions? My email address is

  5. by   JayVArn
    It is pretty relaxed. No clinical questions, just get to know you. After the series of painfull injections and increasing electrical shocks to your sensitive areas, the interview is low key. Why you want to be a crna, why this program and other general interview q's. There is probably a template on this site with general questions and hints. If interviewing is not your strong suit I would reccomend practicing. Good luck! Go Jayhawks

    also be sure to bring a knife long enough to pierce saber tooth tiger hide (maybe 10 inches or so), I won't tell you specifics but it will come in handy. I had to use my bare hands and it took a little longer than I would have liked (and tiger CSF is hard to get out from under your nails).
  6. by   Syruneek
    Just wondering if anyone knows if KU MED has ever admitted anyone without CCRN certification? I have an interview At KU and currently don't have my ccrn I am nervous that I may not be choseb because of it. Also, any tips on the interview process?
  7. by   mdxti
    HI Syruneek, when is your interview and where are you from?
  8. by   Syruneek
    My interview is on 11/9.
  9. by   Syruneek
    My interview is on 11/9. I live in KC.
  10. by   mdxti
    Nice, I'm from California and I have my interview on Nov 2nd. My email is, i'll let you know how it goes.
  11. by   Syruneek
    Hey mdxti, hope your interview went well!
  12. by   mdxti
    hey syruneed, yes it went well. if you want to email me, I can give you more specifics. I'm recently accepted to a school, but got another interview in december for my first choice, hopefully I will get into that one.
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