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Albany Medical CRNA Program

  1. 0 Hey SRNAs,

    Looking for Albany Medical SRNA's. I am not seeing a ton of current posts about this program.

    Can you tell me about the program? Pros/cons? What their typical candidate is? I read that they don't teach open hearts- only observation. Is that accurate?

    What was the interview like?

    Thank you for feedback!
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    First I would like to mention I did not chose to attend Albany but interviewed and was accepted. My reasons for opt another program is not a reflection against Albany, it was simply about not having to relocating my family. That being said it was a wonderful interview and the program is top notch. The interview last for about three hours as you spend individual time with each program director. The conversation is very friendly and informal. Some questions are asked about experience but by no means is a grilling. You will take a critical care exam that is very similar to the CCRN exam. The classrooms are fantastic as they have their own floor of a newer building. Students are provided access to classrooms 24hrs a day. The simulation lab is truly top notch. Only judging from the interview clinical experiences seem good but nothing too special. They have a rolling admission process and I highly recommend any hopeful SRNA apply to Albany. The staff seems to really care about their students' success. Don't worry too much about your stats as they look deeper into each candidate. If I wasn't a married homeowner Albany would have been at the top of my list.
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    Where did you end up going Murp?