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Hello! I've started my adventure of pursuit in acceptance to a CRNA program. I've applied to numerous schools a few months ago, one of which is Adventist University of Health Sciences in Orlando.... Read More

  1. by   sharay1989
    At this point, I'm assuming we won't hear anything today
  2. by   Levo-neo-vaso
    Same...I'm surprised because it was so clear in the information packet that it would be today. I blame Hurricane Irma haha
  3. by   MNRN54
    Didn't get a call today 9/5/2017 either. Bummer....Are we all just duds? Or did Irma/something else have something to do with this? I see several people didn't get called, id think someone would have gotten called on this and wrote it by now....I thought my stats were pretty good except for my ICU experience which will be a year and 2 months by january. They let me interview because by the time the program starts, i have over a year. Anyways..

    GRE- combined 315/writing 4, Nursing school GPA - 3.75, Was a float nurse, tele nurse and now ICU nurse. Nurse since summer of 2015. I felt like I interviewed well. 16 some people was kind of a lot by the way...They asked me how many mcg in a mL, what the valve was between the right atrium and right ventricle, and two ways to lower ICP...the rest was behavioral questions...I was expressive and confident. I made then laugh a few times, and was told once "good answer" after a question they asked...the test before hand, crapshoot, all personality stuff...Former career accounting.

    Just wanted to see if there's a patter with those that didn't get called. I'm wondering if it's experience.
  4. by   Levo-neo-vaso
    Let's try not to worry too much...although I reread the information packet after work and it is pretty clear if you don't get a call today, well...expect an email later.
    I have three and half years icu experience. Who knows how they make their decisions, a lot of very competitive people for a small number of spots!
    Will keep you guys posted if I hear anything...
  5. by   ZC779842
    I think it has to be related to Irma. Still no call on this end. I have a year and a half ICU experience. I am reading stories online about grocery stores in Orlando being sold out of water and there being a ridiculous amount of lines for simple needs. They also are handing out sandbags down there to residents. At this point I bet that we won't hear anything until things calm down with the storm. I could be wrong, but the fact that no one on the forum got atleast one call makes be believe there is something bigger taking place. Will be praying for Florida as the storm approaches and will keep you all posted if I hear anything.
  6. by   Levo-neo-vaso
    I'm so tempted to call and find out, but am refraining! Yes, it is a bit chaotic. I live and work in Orlando, they're all working on hurricane preparedness plans, hopefully it just keeps shifting east into the Atlantic. Fingers crossed Irma goes away and ADU calls! haha
  7. by   Levo-neo-vaso
    ADU's website shows they're open today and tomorrow, but will be closed the weekend and Monday due to the storm. Hopefully we'll find something out in the next couple of days! If not, I bet they'll be getting a lot of phone calls Tuesday
  8. by   Awagrn
    I think the school is closed today... at least class was canceled for someone that I know that goes there...I guess we won't hear anything until after Irma passes.. I'll be staying at the hospital I work at here in Orlando. Y'all stay safe!
  9. by   Levo-neo-vaso
    Anyone hear anything? Storm is finally over. Not sure if ADU has power, a lot don't in Orlando, including myself and spotty phone service...
  10. by   Mrsklop0803
    I saw on their website they are closed until tomorrow. So hopefully we will hear something Thursday!
  11. by   Jossyg9
    I spoke to Mrs Dana this morning and she still has no information from the committee yet.. :/ I guess we will continue waiting.
  12. by   Mrsklop0803
    Did she have any idea on how long until they make their decisions???
  13. by   Amac1018
    I spoke with Ms. Dana Williams today also, and she didn't have much information at this time. She said the school had just opened today and at this time the committee has not provided her with the list of those who will receive admission invitations. She said once she receives the information she will pass it along.