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Hey everyone! This thread is for all of those out there who are planning on applying to one of Vanderbilt's MSN programs for Fall 2013. I'm starting to get my application packet together. I haven't started my interview... Read More

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    When is the deadline - is it too late for me to apply?

    Also - what about scholarships? Are those common for the MSN students? I'm looking into PMHNP but it's just so expensive!

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    The priority deadline was December first and I'm not sure when the final deadline is. I called the financial aid office and they said the average student gets enough loans scholarships and grants and other expenses. Vanderbilt is an expensive program but it is a fantastic school. and I hope to hea how everyone's app how everyone's applications are coming along or if they hear anything back from the admissions staff.
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    Wow excuse my bad grammar and repetition. I'm typing on my phone and it's not very reliable!
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    I have also heard most people get enough financial aid to cover cost. Kms673- hope we are classmates!
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    Do you guys know if it's mostly loans? I already have some student loan debt, so if it's $30,000 in loans still it might be a little too much for me.
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    Incher- me too! where are you from?

    IcySageNurse- I believe it is mostly loans. A current student on another forum mentioned she had $75,000 for the 1st year. But I do not think this particular person was working because she was a pre-specialty student, so that has to be factored in. Also, she may not have qualified for scholarships or grants (most people who work full-time will not).

    Some students (like myself) will choose to take on the large debt because they believe it is a good long-term investment. If a person can make $50,000 more a year for the rest of their life, an initial investment of $150,000 would be worth it in the long-term. Some RNs claim that NP salary in their areas is not much more than they make as an RN. So I think it depends on your unique situation.
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    jenny.j.....yep. Not happy either but I really feel I need to trust God because He is the only one that will get me through and I feel like retaking would be relying too much on myself! Almost done with BSN and looks like on the other threads that its a benefit having RN and BSN and being distance learner. I am so excited to find out in a few months. I had a friend that graduated from there last year and loved the program. I am from the KC, MO area so the commute will definitely be an adventure. I am not looking forward to the loans but doing what I feel I am called to do is rewarding enough to take on alittle debt. Plus it looks like in my area, an average FNP in a hospital makes about 20-30k more a year than an RN that works her butt off! I am also trying to save my PTO time so I can have 250 hrs to really concentrate on this accelerated program. I look forward to corresponding on here and supporting all of us that will be anxiously anticipating our acceptance letters (no reason to not think positive!).
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    I got an email stating that everything was received and that my file was being submitted for review and that I would hear end of feb first of march.....That email just came end of last week.
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    Kms673 - 75,000 for the first year?? Am I reading it wrong? The PMHNP program has 44 credits and it says $1,100 per about $44,000 for the whole MSN program. Is that not correct? How do you get 75,000 or 150,000???
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    I should have made myself more clear. The person I am speaking of was doing the 2-year pre-specialty program, so it was double the credits and double the cost. Then, she may have not been working, and if so, she must take out money for living expenses for those two years. ($45,000 tuition + $30,000 room/board = $75,000 for one year).

    From reading some of your posts, this would not be your situation because you an RN looking to do the distance one year program and work still, correct?

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