Vanderbilt Direct Entry (DE) Help

  1. Hello,
    I am writing yet another Vanderbilt GRE question post, because I am 'oh so nervous' about not getting in. I just took the gre and scored 1000 and haven't received my writing results back. I am currently a mental health direct care worker with a degree in psychology and chemistry.
    First of all, what do you think I need to make for them to give me a second glance? For those of you who have gone in pre-specialty what were your stats (if you don't mind my asking)?
    Secondly, I want to become an FNP because I think it's more marketable then I want to do a post-cert for ACNP. How strange will it look to have a psych degree and not want to be a mental health np? How do I explain that on an application?
    Thanks for your help!

    Hopeful nurse one day.
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