UTMB-Family Nurse Practitioner Program Summer 2013

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    Hello All,

    Trying to find SOMEONE who has been accepted into UTMB's Summer 2013 Family nurse practitioner program. I cannot find any threads, would just like to know who else has been accepted to get to know my class. Thanks!

    Erica RN-BSN

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    Hey there! I'm glad i found this post! i will also be starting the fnp summer program. And btw, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Do you know when the expected graduation date is for full-time students since we are now starting in the summer?
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    I, too, got accepted. Applied for fall, but got emailed last week to see about adding my app for summer full time. Got my acceptance yesterday and have to let them know by next week. Do you have any extra info? I just got a brief letter. No course plan or start date, etc. Anything you can share?
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    hey guys! i was the one that created the thread and then for whatever reason i could not log onto my account so i created another one. Congrats to you'll too!

    I have been in some communication with the faculty...all i know is that orientation is may first and second, we will have to meet about 5 times in person for health assessment. 5 times for clinical procedure skills, and the latter half of the summer semester will be 60 hours of clinical about 1.5 days a week for 6 weeks, but they do not know locations or anything like that.Im having a difficult time as I am relocating my life to the houston/galveston area. currently reside in san antonio. so i am looking for a job and a place to live still. its been kind of hectic considering they really havent given me details...and well I have to work so its all very stressful. but thats pretty much all i know. I applied for fall as well but when they offered me to come during summer I took it! there were around 480 applicants in the fall pool.

    as far as graduation date not to sure? Im guessing december 2015?

    I will try and look at this thread every day, i figured all nurses would send an email when someone responded but guess not. so ill continue to check it.

    let me know i you'll find anything out. also are you'll going to be working? if so full time/part time?

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    According to the email, the program is 4 semesters so I was thinking that it would be summer, fall, spring, and another summer so end of summer 2014.

    I'm currently working full time at a hospital, but that might change when the program starts and I figure out my life.

    This is really sudden and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed that it starts so soon!
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    I do remember it saying 4 semesters for full-time and 8 semesters for part-time. Is orientation May 1-2 or 2-3? i thought it was the latter (May 2-3)... could be wrong though. I was working full-time in the med center, but recently moved to MS to be with my husband as we try to transition back to Houston together. I didn't know that they were offering a summer session until i received an email as well. Of course i gladly accepted though! So now i will probably be moving back before my husband can... I would love to go back to hospital and work part-time, but it really depends on how rigorous the online classes will be. I was night shift and with night shift it always takes me a full day to get back on the day schedules. I'm sure they will discuss working and going to school during our orientation.
    I'm pretty nervous too, but mostly excited!!! ive been really praying on this for a long time
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    wow! 480 applicant for the fall???!!! i wonder how many they accepted and how many applied for the summer.
    Erica, have you been to Houston before? You'll like it! Good luck on your transition to a new city.
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    Hello!! I am excited to have found this post as well. I was accepted into Summer 2013 as well!! Orientation is May 2-3 in Galveston.

    I received a plan of study via email from a faculty member and it had the last semester to be Fall 2014. So I was assuming graduation to be December 2014. I can email the plan of study I was sent if anyone would like to see it.

    From the e-mails we have to complete the background check and drug testing after they email us which will be closer to orientation, within 3 weeks to be exact.

    As far as course information and clinicals, I have no information about that. So any information about clinical and courses would be very helpful... 480 applicants for fall, wow!!
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    I accepted my admission on mystar over the weekend and my green check went back to a green dot. I called this morning and they said all I needed to do was accept and they would send more information later, but no specific timeline given. Anyone else experience the check back to dot phenomenon?

    Also, I'm currently working full time (3x 12hr) night shift in a hospital. I'm increasingly more worried that I won't be able to continue in this job during and just want more information so I can make some decisions!
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    Hello fnpmurse13! My dot also went back green on MyStar after accepting admission. I believe I received all of my information within 24-48 hours of accepting on Mystar.

    I too am working 3x12hr shifts at a hospital but I will be going part time once the semester begins.
    I wish they would give a schedule or some thorough course and clinical information so we could be more prepared before the semester begins because it is right around the corner in May!

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