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Hello All, Trying to find SOMEONE who has been accepted into UTMB's Summer 2013 Family nurse practitioner program. I cannot find any threads, would just like to know who else has been accepted to... Read More

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    I got accepted too, but haven't accepted yet. (working out the kinks). I am interviewing in a couple of places in Houston to be closer to school... (I'm from the very south). Should I tell my new employer about the program? I'm applying for a prn/part-time position...
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    Does anyone know what time and where the orientation on May 2-3 will be held?
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    I created a facebook group just now titled UTMB NP Summer 2013 Start. I wanted to include our colleagues in adult/gero as well since we will have many of the same core classes. Request to join and invite all the friends you have made at orientation!
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    Can any one tell me how long it took to find out if you were admitted after they received all of your supplemental application material?