UTMB-Family Nurse Practitioner Program Summer 2013 - page 2

Hello All, Trying to find SOMEONE who has been accepted into UTMB's Summer 2013 Family nurse practitioner program. I cannot find any threads, would just like to know who else has been accepted to... Read More

  1. by   kclarknurse
    Hi Fellow classmates!
    I'm glad I found this thread, I just got accepted for summer admissions also. CONGRATS to everyone.
  2. by   kclarknurse
    Hi Tina,
    Yes, I would love to see the plan of study! Congrats!

  3. by   newFNP2015
    I would like that as well if you are willing to send!
  4. by   FNPBUCHI
    Howdy All,

    Congrats to everyone .... I was also accepted to the Summer 2013 start as well. I am a Houston native!! Cannot wait to start
    Glad I found this site, I am also interested in knowing more about the plan of study! Again congrats future NP's
  5. by   Tina2bFNP2013
    Hi! I tried to copy and pste the course plan that was emailed to me but it does not come out correctly.

    I can send it via email if you provide your email addresses.

    I will check back soon. Congrats again to everyone!
  6. by   FNPBUCHI
    Great that would be awesome!!! THANK YOU!
  7. by   newFNP2015
  8. by   emmedell1
    So even though our official transcripts were sent to nursing CAS we have to resend official transcripts to the school now? My application satus on my star now says incomplete? That's an inconvenience if we have to resend them. Has anyone else received any updates? I've sent my vaccination forms/disability forms that came in our acceptance email but haven't heard anything back from the school. I hope everything is still okay to start the program.

    Also Tina Here's my email emmedell@uiwtx.edu

    Thanks! :-)
  9. by   Tina2bFNP2013
    Hey! Yes I had to resend my official transcripts to the campus. It is definitely an inconvenience but I guess it must be done. My MyStar also says incomplete but I have sent all of the required paperwork.
  10. by   newFNP2015
    I called again today to verify my acceptance of admission and was able to get confirmation. I too was told to re-send all of my transcripts although my status still says complete on mystar. When I asked about deadlines, they just said ASAP. I'm a little frustrated as I attended UTMB for my BSN, but they shred the student health file upon completion of degrees so now I have to go get new titers drawn and re-sent to the school.
  11. by   dolleyes
    Hi everyone!!! Congrats again to everyone who got accepted! Tina2bfnp2013 could you also email me the timeline? Jferrraro@gmail.com (yes, there are 3rs). Thank you! Omgoodness, I need to go online and check my status now to see if it had also changed. This is kind of inconvenient... Also, I got an email a while back that says to receive a background check and drug screening no earlier than April 15th. Do we still go by that or will the school send another email out? Thanks for any information
  12. by   dolleyes
    Does anyone own a MacBook by any chance? I know that the school doesn't really encourage it due to incompatibility of software, but I was told we could download a special software called Parallel or something. Has anyone used this program before in order to use Microsoft? thanks!
  13. by   newFNP2015
    Background check and drug screen can't be done until 3 weeks before orientation which was confirmed by the MSN coordinator.
    As far as macs go, I know people from my BSN who used Macs through the program and the only issue they had was with online home testing. Apparently we will have to find a proctor anyway so it may not be an issue. I have an iMac now so I guess we will be in the same boat if parallel is necessary.