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Hello All, Trying to find SOMEONE who has been accepted into UTMB's Summer 2013 Family nurse practitioner program. I cannot find any threads, would just like to know who else has been accepted to get to know my class. Thanks! ... Read More

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    I have been to houston before! it is huge! I am scared because I dont know where to live. Im thinking memorial city area ?????? Ive looked at reviews and all areas seem pretty dangerous so that makes me nervous. and yes it would be great if they gave us some more details considering may is around the corner! I have no idea where clinical will be held all they said was houston/galveston area, and thats a huge range! I will be working part time. I had applied to UTHSCSA and they said most of their students work full time as a nurse and go to school full time because that is how they designed their program, but UTMB has not said anything about that ie how much time this will take of our schedules.

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    Quote from fnpmurse13
    I accepted my admission on mystar over the weekend and my green check went back to a green dot. I called this morning and they said all I needed to do was accept and they would send more information later, but no specific timeline given. Anyone else experience the check back to dot phenomenon?

    Also, I'm currently working full time (3x 12hr) night shift in a hospital. I'm increasingly more worried that I won't be able to continue in this job during and just want more information so I can make some decisions!

    congrats on accepting your admission!
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    Hello emmedell1! My significant other lives in Humble and its a nice area. He lives right off beltway 8 close to Midtown because he works in that area. There are plenty of nice apartment complexes and townhomes in the area... That is where I plan to stay so hopefully my clinicals will be near that area.
    My brother lives in Richmond, TX outside of Sugarland and Prairie View. Those are all nice areas but of course all nice areas have bad areas too lol...

    Good luck on finding a good area!!
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    Hi Fellow classmates!
    I'm glad I found this thread, I just got accepted for summer admissions also. CONGRATS to everyone.
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    Hi Tina,
    Yes, I would love to see the plan of study! Congrats!

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    I would like that as well if you are willing to send!
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    Howdy All,

    Congrats to everyone .... I was also accepted to the Summer 2013 start as well. I am a Houston native!! Cannot wait to start
    Glad I found this site, I am also interested in knowing more about the plan of study! Again congrats future NP's
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    Hi! I tried to copy and pÔste the course plan that was emailed to me but it does not come out correctly.

    I can send it via email if you provide your email addresses.

    I will check back soon. Congrats again to everyone!
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    Great that would be awesome!!! THANK YOU!
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