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UTHSC Memphis gpa requirements

  1. 0 I am applying for one of ut memphis dnp tracks and I have a question about how they look at your gpa. I was told by a lady who worked there that they look at most recently completed degree. In my case it is a RN-BSN program. My overall gpa for all classes taken is around a 3.26. My gpa for classes taken in the RN-BSN program is a 3.93. My question is are they going to look at only the classes I have taken in the RN-BSN program or are they also going to take in to account basics (a/p, chem, psychology etc..) My sciences were required for my associates but they are also required for my bachelors..so I am having a hard time figuring out exactly what they are looking at..if that makes any sense at all..my most recent degree is the bsn which is a 3.93 but if they start factoring classes I also had to take for my associates..I have no idea how far down it will take my gpa..any one have any similar experiences from uthsc specifically or a school who looks at it in a similar fashion??