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Hi! I was recently accepted into the BSN to DNP program at UT Memphis for fall 2012 admission into the Family Nurse Practitioner program. Just wanted to reach out to anyone else planning to attend in the fall. Thought it would be... Read More

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    Hey everyone!! I am currently in my 2nd semester in the program. It is a very organized program, and pretty strenuous. It's a full time program, and I work full-time, weekends only. The first semester was pretty easy with basic courses. This semester has been a beast with advanced patho, adv health assessment, and adv pharm. I too have been a nurse since 2005. I am in the FNP track.....I can't imagine doing a dual program!! And trying to work...I have a friend who does it and this semester has been very stressful for her!! But she's doing it! I had a 3.75 GPA; interview was with 2 faculty and pretty laid back. They do put a lot of emphasis on GPA though bc they feel its a strong indicator in how you will do in the online program. Nursing experience was pretty irrelevant. We have such a diverse group with varied experience. One of our classmates has not even practiced as RN and was accepted. Hope that answers most of your questions!!
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