UTEP study group for Fall 2012

  1. Anyone interested in forming a contact list for study purposes?
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  3. by   siaknikikoRN
    I'm planning to apply to UTEP ACNP program. How is the application process? Is it very competitive? I posted an original thread weeks ago asking about UTEP program and theres seems to be not too many UTEP students on this forum. Glad to see your post.
  4. by   TexeCuter
    The application process is fairly straightforward, no GRE scores or references are required.

    I will assume UTEP is at least as competitive as the other nurse practitioner programs at tier 2 universities (I am not an insider and have no way to measure the candidate pool). Since several programs appear to be diminishing their MSN NP programs in favor of DNP programs, UTEP's offering of the MSN option may make them more desirable to students for many reasons.

    Apply! Good Luck!
  5. by   txrn84
    Hi FuturFNP, I was just wondering how the application/interview process was for the FNP program?
  6. by   FuturFNP
    tsrn84, The application process was easy, however a friend of mine was accepted into the Spring 13 class, she said there were additional requirements that I didn't have to do. For example, she said there was a phone interview that came late in the evening for her. I'll tell you one thing if you can put in the time, the classes are very doable.