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USF FNP program admission fall 2014

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    I applied for the fall 2014 fnp program at usf and have not heard back yet! Application deadline was 2/15. My status is still 'committee'. I'm getting kinda frustrated that I haven't heard anything back. Is anyone else having this issue??? Thanks!!
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    Same situation here. I emailed and was told that it would be "several more weeks" as the committee didn't start reviewing applications until the 2/15 deadline had passed. I'm not so sure I believe that, but can't really do anything more than wait.
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    Thank you for your reply! Hopefully they will make their decisions soon. Keep me updated on any status change : )
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    I'm in the same boat. I saw a conversation on here last year this time and it looks like people did not start hearing until mid April, uggg. I'm so inpatient when it comes to things like this. Good luck to you both and let me know when you hear something!!
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    Hi everyone! All I know is that they are def reviewing applicants right now...just got my acceptance to the PNP last week!
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    What was your GPA and did u attend USF for your undergrad??
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    Congrats!! I hope i get in for FNP
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    Thank you! I did undergrad at FSU, GPA 3.53. I hope you get in too ! The waiting game is always the sucky part��.
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    Finally got my acceptance email for the FNP program yesterday!
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    I just found out today that I was accepted into the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program at USF. I am sooo excited Woohoo! Actually I got a phone call on Monday because they had a few questions about my application and I was notified thru the SOAR website today. Hang in there, you will probably hear something soon! Good Luck!
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    Awesome y'all congrats !!
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    Congrats to those who have got in and thanks for posting to let us know. I'm still waiting, hopefully soon. I sent in my app early Feb not sure if that affects anything.
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    I applied for the adult gero concentration and have heard nothing. Its frustrating. Has anyone else applied to that program?