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    Hi,Has anyone heard anything from them? I applied to the MSN NP program and have heard nothing and its well past the 8 week deadline. I called the school on Friday and the girl that answered the phone said letters were sent out but she hung up before I could ask when. I'm starting to lose hope!

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    When I asked, I was told that letters would not be sent out "until the end of the month."
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    Thanks for replying. Until the end of October? Wow, what is going on with them?!
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    First they said it was September then early Oct now the end of Oct. This just reminds me of nursing school all over again. One thought never have to deal with this again. Man I was wrong!
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    Just wanted to say hello and good luck to everyone who applied. I'm in my first semester of the FNP/Advanced Emergency AACNP and so far I LOVE it. Although there have been little bumps in the road here and there it's been a great experience thus far. I really feel I am getting a strong and challenging education. I have a friend who is waiting to hear if he got in too. Fingers crossed for all of you! Good luck!
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    Thanks, Maru. That's very encouraging to hear! I called the school Monday and the said they would send the letters out mid Oct.
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    How do you check the online status of your application?
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    Am I correct that DNP program is 4yrs vs. MSN 2yrs long?
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    I'm waiting for a reply for Spring 2013, too. I applied to adult/geriatric NP. Looking at previous posts, I kind of assumed it would take until mid to late Oct for us to hear, but I hope we get an answer soon. I wonder if we will still have until mid Nov. to complete the acceptance packet. Wishing all of you the best, and hopefully those of us that enroll can keep in touch as a cohort.
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    I don't know of any online way to check the status of an application.

    I emailed to ask about letters being sent, but so far haven't received a response.

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