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Hi,Has anyone heard anything from them? I applied to the MSN NP program and have heard nothing and its well past the 8 week deadline. I called the school on Friday and the girl that answered the... Read More

  1. by   TickledPinkRN
    I got my letter today. I was accepted for the Executive Nursing Administration program for the Spring!
  2. by   manna
    Yes! I was accepted to the AG-ACNP program. I'm a little excited and a lot nervous!
  3. by   Born_2BRN
    I didn't get any letter and I applied for BSN-DNP (FNP). Is that mean I didn't get accepted? I live fairly close to the school five hrs away
  4. by   My Passion
    Born_2BRN, I applied to the same program and I'm yet to receive the decision letter as well.I encourage you to stay positive...
  5. by   TickledPinkRN
    Manna I got your PM but I could not PM you back because I have not posted enough. But congrats to you too! I will be taking Strategic Resource Management in Health Care (Nursign 610), and Critical Analysis of the Scientific Underpinnings of Advanced Nursing Practice (Nursing 607).
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  6. by   LIZZYICU
    I couldn't respond to your PM either Manna, for the same reason.

    My MSN (Advanced Emergency Nursing Dual Role) letter arrived October 19th, but it seems the DNP letters are taking longer to arrive, as my friend at work applied for the DNP version of the AENDR program and still hasn't heard back.
  7. by   RNUS
    I received my acceptance letter today to the Family PMHNP BSN-DNP track. Congratulations and good luck to everyone.
  8. by   rachelaleanRN2B
    Congratulations to all of you!! I started the Advanced Emergency NP Dual Role this past fall. So far, so good. My advice to you all is to maintain these contacts you have made on I "met" several people on this board before we started the program. We exchanged numbers and email addresses before we started the program and they have been a great support to me and we have helped each other through this first semester even though we may be in different specialities or sections. Good luck to you all.

  9. by   rachelaleanRN2B
    Also keep in mind that MSN students take the same core classes as DNP students so you will be mixed together at first.

  10. by   littlehands
    I applied to the BSN to DNP-NNP program for Spring 2013 and I received my acceptance letter today! Good luck to all!!
  11. by   manna
    Weird! Because I got y'all's PMs!

    I'll be in the ACNP program and would love to correspond with anyone starting in the spring, no matter the specialty "track".

    Thanks for that advice, Rachel!
  12. by   brucedragon
    Congrats to all ! I too got accepted to the RN to FPMHNP USA Spring program. I already have a bachelor's in another field so am very excited about this ! ! ! I was losing hope cause I got 2 rejects prior to USA and USA was my first choice ! Voila....what do you know...GOT IN and received the letter last night !

    I would love to stay in touch with all the acceptees. Please PM me.

    Thanks and Good luck to all those still waiting !
  13. by   Strawberry wine
    Omg Bruce dragon it's daisymei. Congrats! Looks like we are going to be classmates again! I've missed u! i just emailed u! yay