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I just wanted to check and see if anyone else who has applied for admission to the Spring 2012 Acute Care NP program at USA has received any notification of acceptance to the program yet. I think the timeline is something... Read More

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    No worries. That was just a recommendation for the DNP, much as it is recommendation that RN's start out at the BSN level. Some schools have taken them more seriously than others by beginning to offer only DNP programs, but you'll still be able to test off and start working. Others have more extensive posts regarding this topic, too, if you search the forums. I'm just too tired to go into more detail. Trying to finish out a paper tonight! Toodles!

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    I'm applying for the summer term, and I'm getting super antsy. I'm still a pretty new nurse, but I made good grades, hoping thats enough. Any suggestions for me?
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    Does anyone have any info on the FNP/ACNP dual program offered at USA?

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